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How to Combat Zoom Fatigue


How to Combat Zoom Fatigue

Take mini breaks from video during longer calls by minimising the window, moving it to behind your open applications, or just looking away from your computer completely for a few seconds now and then.

Leaders will need to avoid the temptation to stick with a decision in an attempt to appear decisive and instead be willing to regularly review new data, information and feedback and change course if necessary.

3 Ways to Stay Productive in Stressful Times :

1. Adjust your schedule to the time of day that works best for you

How can you adjust your schedule to your prime productivity? Depending on circadian rhythm, different times of day may produce your best work.

2. Create a master plan for the day

With freedom comes massive responsibility. if we don't plan the day ahead of time, we risk losing all that time to distractions. Instead, be hyper vigilant about what every moment of the day is going to look like. I’ve been creating an hour-by-hour schedule for myself so I know what I’m working on when, and in what order.

3.Break assignments into step-by-step tasks

By dicing up the big to-do’s into these smaller increments, I’ve stayed focused longer and gotten more done without feeling overwhelmed. It also helps me feel like I’m chugging along on schedule when I’m completing small accomplishments within the big project. 

Try out these tips and see if they work for you, too. Happy productivity.