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The Origin of Lace

2020-06-18 Source:Internet


Lace is an extremely powerful element of self-expression.

Not being stereotyped, refusing mediocrity, breaking the fringe of the law, and making all the star bloggers want to follow. The beauty of lace is dynamic, public, amorous, and swaying... In daily life, if you want to wear ordinary clothes is not simple, you can use the tassel elements to embellish and show your unique Fashionable style.

The Origin of Lace

The origin of lace can be traced back to the Han dynasty. Its earliest name is not tassel, but it is called "step shake". Shake step by step, step by step, and by line, very vividly elaborating the name.

Ancient lace only prevailed among nobles. For example, the crowns worn on the heads of ancient kings were decorated with lace on the front and back, which is a symbol of leadership and identity. Later, it was gradually popular in the folk, and was widely used in headwear and clothing. A word written by Bai Juyi in the Tang Dynasty mentioned the beauty of step shaking, which shows that no matter whether it is step shaking or lace, their beauty has been unquestionable since ancient times.