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Belt With Cardigan

2020-06-27 Source:Interenet


Belt with cardigan

Many times the belt will become the finishing touch in our complete set. When we wear a cardigan, we can match it with a waist belt to sublimate our complete set.

As a big choice for our summer, cardigan is an essential temperament item. Its overall material is relatively soft, and there will be an intellectual beauty after wearing a cardigan. Whether it is buttoned to wear or opened to wear, it is a good choice, it can be matched with dresses, casual pants and many other bottoms. But if it is a long cardigan and the overall design is relatively loose, it is easy for us to lose the waistline, and the most unbearable for women is the loss of lines. At this time, an exquisite belt played an important role. It successfully outlined our waist line and paired with a pair of boots, which is very fashionable and dazzling.

When we use a cardigan to match a dress, because the cardigan is a light color, we use a coffee-colored waistband to point out where our waistline is and portray the golden ratio. And it also reveals the careful thinking we put on, and it seems that we are elegant and generous. Older women with a belt can bring yourself a better temperament and make you full of spirit.