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Belt With Suit

2020-06-27 Source:Interenet

Many girls only look at the color of the clothes, the cutting method and the overall coordination when matching clothes. Often a set that looks good but always feels something is missing.

In fact, accessories are also a very important part in the matching, especially the role of the belt is not to be underestimated. It can improve our waistline, lengthen our proportions, and increase the level of wear. It can be said that it is a must-have item One.

Belt with suit

A belt was attached to the casual suit, and the loose suit suddenly became taller.

If you are tired of dark-colored suits, you can also consider wearing a milk tea-colored suit with a skirt, slowly retro Hong Kong style, elegant and intellectual style.

Of course, the plaid retro suit can also be embellished with a belt. The bottom wears tight-fitting jeans with black short boots. The temperament of the whole person looks simple and capable, and some intellectual beauty is revealed in the toughness. And the belt also played the role of the golden section, depicting big long legs in minutes. The suit itself is a single item that is biased towards a neutral style. If we add a belt, it can emphasize the proportion of our female body and highlight the charm of the woman.