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It seems inconspicuous, but the effect is so great! How do you really match the brooch?


Brooches can be traced back to the Bronze Age. Archaeology can help determine the age of cultural relics. Since the late Ming Dynasty, the West has brought many fashionable elements. Brooches have since been integrated into the traditional culture of our nation. When wearing different clothes, you should choose different brooches. Different occasions, different brooch accessories can play a different effect. As long as you understand these tips for choosing and applying brooches, it is a piece of cake.

Blazer + brooch

When wearing a suit, most of the occasions attended are formal occasions. The suit is also the most formal type of clothing. When choosing a brooch, you should also choose a formal brooch. The pattern should not be too complicated, and the color should not be too bright. Choose low-key styles, the size should be moderate, not too large.

If you are a successful man in the workplace, when wearing a suit to attend formal occasions, you should also choose low-key and exquisite styles, such as lightning-patterned brooches can be diamond-style, that is classic and generous, it is a very good You must learn!

Windbreaker + brooch

The windbreaker is less formal than the suit. It is a more casual type. When choosing a brooch, you can choose a more casual and cunning style. The style you can choose is not too restrictive. The color choice can also be compared with the choice. The brooch with the suit is more abundant.


Denim jacket + brooch

Denim jacket is a versatile and very youthful fashion item. When choosing a brooch, you can choose some cute and cute, and you can also choose a larger size. There are too many types of patterns to choose from, such as animal groups and planetary groups. It is a matching method that the student party can choose. Don’t worry about being too formal. This type of matching is really youthful!

Sweater + brooch

If a denim jacket with a brooch is more youthful, then a sweater with a brooch will give a gentler feeling. Try not to choose a sweater with a printed pattern when matching it with a sweater, or the style is too complicated, which will make the brooch redundant. You can match the sweater with a net version. When choosing a pattern, you can choose a simpler style, which will highlight the elegant and gentle temperament.