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How much do you know about tassels?


Tassels are also commonly known as tassels. They are hanging ornaments made of silk thread or multi-colored feathers. They are often used for the decoration of stage clothing, or hanging on the four corners of mosquito nets and accessory handles. Of course, this is just an early definition of tassels. After so many years of evolution of fashion trends, tassels have had a variety of opening methods, including more choices in materials.

First of all, what are the more common ways of presenting tassels in modern times? The tassel design appearing in clothing is usually not presented in the form of pendant ears, but the original fabric of the clothing is selected for a certain extension, and the design is a fine and regular tassel style.


Second, tassels are designed as accessories, which may be more common than clothing. For example, necklaces, earrings and tassel designs worn by girls are more natural. Many of the popular drape earrings in the past two years are fine tassel designs. But most of the choices are not traditional silk thread textures, but more gorgeous silver or crystal tassels.

Third, there are not too many restrictions on tassel tassel hanging decoration. Not only can it appear on your clothing, but decoration on bags or even short boots is completely no problem. There are two more common ones. The first one is to decorate the ancient style ornaments. It is often used for display and play, and it will not really be taken out. The second is to decorate the bag, hang a tassel on the bag strap, and it can also be used as a bright spot.