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Adidas Seizes The Female Functional Apparel Market


Recently, Adidas and Fosun Group have been signing a cooperation agreement with the high-end Austrian brand Wolford to jointly develop women's functional seamless sportswear. The new product is scheduled to be launched on November 2 this year.




It is reported that the new products jointly developed by Adidas and Wolford include tight-fitting long-sleeved tops and tight trousers, which are designed in the style of sportswear in the 1980s. Knitting technology meets women's daily, office and sportswear needs.

            Adidas vice president of design Josephine Aberg said that product design in the sports field has always been led by men, and he believes that the cooperation with Wolford is a transformative measure.


Wolford was founded in 1950 and is famous for expensive stockings, underwear, pajamas and other women's clothing. The brand's stockings total 300-500 Chinese Yuan, and the bodysuit is more than 1700 Chinese Yuan. Stars such as Kim Kardashian, Nicole Kidman, Maria Kelly and Faye Wong have worn the brand's products.




Adidas cooperates with light luxury brands, and its products are mainly for the high-end market, against high-end sports brands such as Lululemon. As a result, many sports brands are seizing the female functional apparel market, including Lululemon, Puma, Nike, Li Ning and so on. Recently, the Swedish women's sports brand ROHNISCH also announced that it has officially opened its business in the Chinese market, and its Tmall store has officially launched.


At present, women’s demand for functional clothing is in a certain state. They hope that this type of clothing is fashionable and comfortable, with certain functions, such as sweat absorption, UV protection, antibacterial, etc., and can be worn in multiple scenes or even It can be trimmed from the global popularity of Lululemon. More and more female consumers are willing to pay for high-quality functional clothing.


Adidas is about to enter the military high-end female functional apparel market, causing increased pressure on sports brands such as Lululemon. However, Lululemon's market share and consumer loyalty are very high, and it remains to be seen whether Adidas can seize more market share.