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Why many people like to buy the same clothes as celebrities



To answer "why buy the same style of celebrity", you must first understand why you are chasing celebrities. Because this is the source.

The same paragraph is divided into two categories: one is the product endorsed by the celebrity or the celebrity’s own brand; the other is the things that the celebrities use daily.


       1.  Fans who buy the first category of products may not think things are good, but they must buy them crazy for their favorite stars. Because the brand will decide whether to continue cooperating with the idol based on its influence or ability to bring goods. When other brands choose product spokespersons, they also have to speak based on data.

       Therefore, for the future development of idols, fans will actively buy products endorsed by idols and support them. If it is the celebrity's own brand, it is the willful support derived from the uncontrollable love.


       2.  The reasons for purchasing the same type of second category are quite complicated. For example: Weibo, Douyin and other online platforms, other fans are posting, it is easy to buy impulse;

       It is also because it is usually difficult to have the opportunity to contact an idol, and to buy the same item, you will feel that there is a bond between you and the idol that is close and far, as if you know him more;


There is also a simple way to save trouble. If the idol’s aesthetic is online, and you just lack something, you can just follow him to buy it, so you don’t need to search on Taobao.


I have always believed that the relationship between fans and stars is particularly beautiful. The act of working hard for the idol and becoming a better one because the idol is actually very moving.


As long as you chase stars moderately, life will be better! I didn't buy it to become a star!


Many people like to buy the same style of celebrity for a sense of belonging and satisfying their imagination. Just like boys wearing the same men's basketball shoes, they will feel blessed, playing like chicken blood, a kind of psychological hint.


Many people who buy the same celebrity style will feel that they are in sync with the celebrity they like, and if they have the same things, they will have a sense of happiness and a sense of substitution. They will feel that they have some kind of common connection with the person they like. There is also trust in celebrities. After all, celebrities are cautious in using things. They also have a lot of contact and money, so what they use will make people feel more at ease. People trust people they like inexplicably. Therefore, many male stars have now robbed actresses of their cosmetics.


If possible, there is nothing wrong with pursuing the same style as a celebrity. You can support it if you like it, but you have to do what you can, and not pursue everything.

Why do many people like to buy celebrity clothes of the same style?


In fact, there are several reasons for this:


First, because stars are bright and beautiful, have good figures, are beautiful, and everyone has a heart for beauty. So many people are envious and hope that wearing the same style of clothes as the celebrity can be as bright as the celebrity.


Second, because the clothes worn by celebrities in order to attract the attention of the audience are generally the latest styles at the time, and people like new things, so the natural celebrities wear them to become a market drain.

Third, as far as the fans are concerned, the stars they like are good and follow everything.


how to say? This reflects a kind of humanity.


Only what you really like will love the house and the black. If you like this star, you will like everything about this star. He will deliberately imitate everything, including his actions.


I think basically for the following purposes:

      1. Aiwu and Wu. Because I like a certain celebrity, even his (her) way of dressing is deeply concerned. I feel that if I use the same style as my idol, it will be closer to each other psychologically.

             2. Because of endorsement problems, many celebrities usually wear sponsor items. Fans buy the same style and feel that they are also a kind of support for idols. Many businesses are also interested in this.

             3. Show off purpose. Generally, the price of celebrities will be higher. Some people will feel superior when they use the same style. If others have not noticed, they will first introduce "this is the same style of a celebrity."

       4. Love because of love. Whatever your idol uses is good, even wearing a ragged jacket is also excellent.


This is because celebrities are generally picky about the products they use. After all, they are public figures, and their words and deeds will be discussed by the social conference. Naturally, they have to use good products to enhance their advantages in all aspects and demonstrate their superiority. There is also a product used by celebrities that feels easy to use and is of high quality and low price. I sincerely want to recommend it to the public. I think different people will have their own views on the same style of different celebrities. Those who like expensive big-name celebrities may also like the same style like celebrities. Of course, most people with good quality and low price will like it. Recommended, it has nothing to do with whether it is a star.