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November's Exhibition



We are preparing two exhibitions in November. Alibaba International Station November Online Exhibition in South China and Alibaba International Station November China South China Online Live Conference.


The main venue activities of the those two exhibitions will be quickly matched through the exclusive channel of the venue through an online exhibition. Merchants need to register for the venue. Affected by the global spread of the epidemic, offline exhibitions at home and abroad have been postponed or canceled, and the survival and development of foreign trade companies that rely on traditional offline exhibition transactions have been hit hard.


On 24th of March, Premier Li Keqiang convened the state meeting and pointed out that “In response to the shrinking external demand orders, support enterprises to negotiate online, organize online exhibitions, take the initiative to capture orders, and promote cooperation. According to the new changes in the international epidemic, the time of this year’s spring Gaia Expo will be postponed. And the use of the Internet and other means to hold other alternatives", the digital online exhibition is just the good chance!


There are the biggest shows in November. We have applied for it already. In this time, we focus on “Recycled Material Products”, we do have lot of styles of products for you to choose. In the live show, we can face to face with you, answer your questions and listen to your requirements. We believe that recycled material will be the hot trend in the future. Our host will go through what recycled material is, and leading products from us.


Hope to see all of you at that time!