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Simple Outfit Recipes California Girls Can't Stop Wearing


Since you clicked into this story, you're probably interested in California style, maybe even more so lately than you might have been before. Given that the pandemic has shifted the way we get dressed, the easygoing and casual vibe that the West Coast is known for has never seemed more appealing than it does now. People are turning to California girls for their simple-but-stylish outfit inspiration.

In my opinion, the best thing about the California-girl aesthetic is that it's casual but never boring, a balance I know I'm always striving for these days. This is why I'm diving into the simple outfit recipes they seem to love enough to wear over and over again. I've spotted California fashion girls wearing these combinations all over my feed but can also attest to seeing these looks IRL throughout my six-year sojourn on the sunnier coast.

If you're ready for a roundup of inspirational California outfits, look no further than the below nine.


Floral Dress + Sporty Sneakers

Since most of California enjoys summer weather nearly year-round, a pretty floral dress is basically a wardrobe staple. L.A. girls, especially, wear theirs with sporty sneakers and tall socks for a cool vibe.






Double Denim

Does it get any simpler (or more timeless) than a denim-on-denim ensemble? I think not. Whether they're tucking a chambray shirt into their jeans or matching with a coordinating denim jacket, Californians know it's a look that never fails.





Cropped Tee + Slip Skirt

On casual days, you can spot Cali girls wearing a slip skirt with a basic tee or tank and adding interest via gold jewelry.






Blazer + Tank Top + Jeans + Ankle Boots

As fall approaches, our West Coast friends are bringing back their blazers and boots to re-create this classic ensemble.






Matching Sets

Matching sets aren't unique to California, but they are definitely a popular outfit there for good reason. There's nothing easier to throw on and look put-together than a matching two-piece set, especially when inspiration is lacking.



Tank Top + Trousers

While I was living in L.A., I wore a tank with trousers more times than I can remember because the look is easy but chic.







Bodysuit + Jeans + Flat Sandals

Jeans, especially vintage Levi's, are part of the California-girl uniform, and wearing them with sandals and a bodysuit couldn't be easier.





Basic Dress + Trendy Sandals

Since basic dresses have become more relevant lately, this simple look is one to jot down for future reference.