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6 Quick Gift Ideas for the Badass Who Has Everything


No matter who you're shopping for this holiday season or how well you know said person (perhaps, for instance, they birthed and raised you), you might experience that moment of sheer panic, wondering what the heck to buy them as a present. If it's kind of hard to pin their personality down to a 'type' (ex: a self-care lover or a fashionista) you might want to take a different route, getting them something simple yet special, worthy of a queen, a gamechanger, or, yes, a badass.

In case you haven't yet realized, badass is InStyle's specialty. It's the core quality we look for when choosing who to cover in the magazine and on our site, and also a word that's pretty prominent in our latest collaborations. Whether it's a mood-boosting bracelet to wear every day, or a tote to schlep a bunch of stuff back and forth from the store or office, we love the bold statement these pieces make, and predict your loved one will enjoy the reminder as well (especially in 2020).


An Everyday Bracelet                                                         Sweet Babydoll Shoes











A Fresh-Scented Candle                                                            A Convenient Graphic Tote







A Bold Lipstick Bundle                                                                   A Fun French Tee